Ride Rehab is the podcast of stepping into the shoes of Disney Imagineers. Each episode, Tyler and Thomas venture into various rides, attractions, and areas of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Is there a way it can be improved? Does it need to be updated? Can we cram Marvel or Star Wars into it? Listen and find out!

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Tyler & Tom are not only a lot of fun to listen to, they approach the subject matter in a fun way. They bring a lot of insight into the conversation beyond "wouldn't this be cool?" and really engage with the business side, history, and future concepts.

Jess1874 on iTunes

I love this new podcast called "Ride Rehab!" It brings about new ideas of how the parks should be or what it could be and it's always interesting to hear what different peoples opinions are on different topics such as rides at WDW.

Mouseears15 on iTunes

Loved the listen, they said a lot of things that I haven't even though of before for attraction rehabs.

GarlicBreddit on iTunes

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